What is Teachers' Lounge?

Teachers’ Lounge is ta catalogue of learning resources. Much like a library catalogue helps you to find books relevant to your search terms, Teachers’ Lounge helps you to find learning resources relevant to the areas of the curriculum you are focusing on at present.

We are not resource creators (though we will occasionally list something we have created ourselves), but instead we encourage other resource creators to catalogue their resources on Teachers’ Lounge. We ask resource creators to choose what NZ Curriculum subject, strand and achievement objectives their resource supports. Additionally, they can choose to assign a number of attributes, such as whether it is a warm-up activity, a learning experience, or a full lesson; whether it is a video, book, game, teacher-led session, etc.; whether it is n online resource, a download, or a physical resource that needs to be shipped out to you. Importantly, the catalogue also allows you to filter by paid vs free resources.

The idea is to allow teachers to quickly and easily locate resources that relate to the specific area that they are teaching, whether the resource has been created by a large organisation, or an independent creator. It’s an alternative to spending hours on Google trying to find the right type of resource.

Best of all, it’s free for you to use!

It’s early days, so the catalogue is not by any means exhaustive, but we’re working to get as many resource creators as possible cataloguing their resources for you to find. You can help catalogue resources, even if you’re not the creator. All we’re doing is linking to the resources and assigning them attributes, so if you consider yourself a bit of a guru when it comes to finding awesome resources, why not become a contributor to Teachers’ Lounge and help catalogue some of those resources.

Flick me a message if you have any questions – jason@teacherslounge.co.nz