Overview of the NZ Curriculum

Overview of the NZ Curriculum Share on facebook Share to Facebook You have probably heard of the New Zealand Curriculum and even lived through it when you were at school, but things change as things tend to do, so we’ve created this handy overview of the New Zealand Curriculum so that you can support your […]

Simple Matariki Wharenui

Shared by Susan Mackay Super easy Matariki art completed in 1.5 hours ✨Children were given instructions on drawing the Marae, own choice for patterns, vivid, dye, paint splatters and twink used for the Matariki stars.

Echo feat. Tasmin (Official Music Video- Matariki)

Shared by Anna Maria van Riel Here’s a song I wrote, sung by the gorgeous wee Tasmin. The intention was to create a storyline that connects children with their elders and of course, with Matariki. You can find the lyric video on my YouTube if you’d like to teach it to your tamariki.

PVA and Oil Pastel Monsters

Thank you to Melinda Narayan for agreeing to share these super monsters her class did. The outlines are black paint mixed with PVA glue, whilst the colours are all oil pastels.

Natural Art

Credit to Michelle Moth Looking for a way to bring some nature into your classroom? This is a great way to teach children a technique, without restricting their creative expression. There are limitless ways that littles pieces of nature can be displayed using this method.

SJ Connected Lvl 2 – Reading Response

A nice way to plan for a week’s reading. Includes discussion questions for the guided reading session, a critical response to encourage deeper thinking about the reading, a creative response and some vocabulary words.