Epic Pixel Art Multiplication Challenge Maths Teaching Resource Worksheet

This is a massive pixel art worksheet that I’ve created to encourage students to engage with multiplication. From what I’ve experienced, the students are much more careful about getting the answer right as they don’t want to mess up their picture! This should be printed no smaller than A3, and you might need to help […]

Roll and Write

A simple game for juniors to get them practising saying their numbers, as well as writing high-frequency words. You might also use it to introduce basic statistics. Generously shared by Natalie Douglas.

Blank Multiplication and Division Wheels

Write your own multiplication or division number in the middle with the numbers to be multiplied or divided in the inner circle so that the students can write their answers in the outer circle. See an example here.

Multiplication Wheels 2-7

If you would like to change the numbers, simply download the Word document and makes the required changes. If you would like a blank multiplication wheel, click here. PDF WORD

31 or None

Gratefully shared with permission from NZ Maths This activity is based on an ancient Chinese game in which players had to make given totals by using four single-digit numbers and the four operations. Thirty-one is a good target as there are many ways in which students can reach this score. Students could use a tally […]

Gala Games

This is a game of chance designed to give the students practice adding and subtracting small amounts of money while keeping a running total. In particular, it can give the students excellent experience in:• calculating mentally (with partners checking calculations)• using the memory function of a calculator.Some students may need help to interpret the problems, […]

Greedy Pig Dice Game

Activity:  To play this game you need an ordinary 6-sided die. Each turn of the game consists of one or more rolls of the die.  You keep rolling until you decide to stop, or until you roll a 1.  You may choose to stop at any time. If you roll a 1, your score for […]