Teachers’ Lounge is a space for you to find NZ curriculum aligned resources, and to share teaching resources with your fellow teachers either for free, or paid.

Listing on Teachers’ Lounge is simple, but you do need to register so that we can ensure the quality of resources is maintained.

Once you are registered, you can choose to link existing content from sites such as Youtube, Twinkl, TpT, NZ Maths, or absolutely anywhere else on the web (as long as it’s safe!). Or, alternatively you can list your original resources for sale just as you would on TpT. Linking resources on other sites is 100% free, but there is a fee if you wish to sell your resources directly through Teachers’ Lounge as we will be charged credit card processing fees etc.

Registering is a simple process and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Start by visiting www.teacherslounge.co.nz/become-a-creator

Typically it will be around a 10% commission if you wish to sell directly through Teachers’ Lounge which includes the credit card fees charged by the payment processor, as well as the cost of hosting the site and other incidentals. However, as there is a fixed component to the credit card fee (currently $0.45 per transaction) the fee will be a higher percentage on low value items in order to cover this. We are working with PayPal to reduce this fee and hopefully that will be sorted soon so that more of the payment ends up in your pocket, rather than with PayPal.

If you are already selling through another site, you’re more than welcome to simply link to the site from Teachers’ Lounge which is completely free.

Absolutely not. You are welcome to leave Teachers’ Lounge at any time and your listings will be removed.

If you choose to sell resources through Teachers’ Lounge, in order to get paid you must first create a PayPal account, as this is how all payments are made. Once you have a PayPal account it is as simple as adding the associated email address to your creator profile.

You need to set each item up as a ‘product’ to sell, regardless of whether it is a download, or a shipped product.

Creating a New Product – Go to ‘Products – Add New’

Product Name – provide a name for you product. This should be detailed enough to help teachers know whether it is what they are looking for without having to necessarily click through to the product.

Product Description – here you can enter further details about the product.

Product Data – you can create a ‘simple product’ if you are selling only one item, or if you would like to sell a bundle you would select ‘grouped product’. 


‘Regular Price’ – this is where you will enter the standard price for this product.

‘Sale Price’ – this is the reduced price, this should only be set if you are planning to have the item on sale, or if you are scheduling a sale. 

‘Commission’ – this is the amount that will be paid to your PayPal account from each sale. Typically this will be set to 90%; however on higher value items this may be higher.


If you would like to limit the number of this particular item that are available to be purchased, tick the ‘Manage Stock’ box and enter the number of items available. 

Linked Products

If you have related products that you would like to promote to customers purchasing this item, please link them here. These will show as related items on the product page.


It is important that these are completed in order to allow your product to be found during filtering and searches. From the drop-down, select the attribute type and then ‘add’. In the ‘values’ box, start typing the attribute term that fits the item and then select from the list that appears. If there is another attribute type that fits, add this also.

Repeat this for any further attributes.


Here you can schedule sales if you would like to make the same reduced price offers on a regular basis, or just set them up in advance.

Right Hand Sidebar

Product Image

Add an image representing this product. This should be an image that represents the item being sold – this is what will appear in search results and on the shop pages. Generally square images will look better. You can add additional images in the product gallery, if you like.

Product Tags

Enter any other key words that you think might help a searching customer find your voucher.

Product Categories

This will be the curriculum area.

After completing all sections, make sure to save the product. You can enter the details at any time, such as when you would like to reduce the price. When you are new to the site, your product listings will be reviewed before being make live so that we can catch any potential issues.