Days at School Calendar- Place Value Activity for Morning Boards!


Add a purposeful place value activity to your morning routines!

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Looking for a purposeful activity to add to your morning boards?

Use this Days at School Calendar display to encourage students to develop and use their place value knowledge by counting and keeping record of how many days they have been at school. Get your students to pick the correct card each day and write the number of days on the poster with a dry erase marker!

In this download, you will get:

  • 3 options for designs of the main display page ‘How many days have we been at school?‘ Use the one you like!
  • Base ten blocks– cards to 100
  • Tally marks– cards to 100

Choose the cards you would like your students to focus on, or use both and switch them around!

Please note: written numbers are not included. This activity is designed for students to write this part out themselves.

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