Matariki Marae Art

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Credit to Jalah Davis for providing this awesome Matariki Marae idea.

To complete this:

Step 1: Arrange star-shaped stickers on a piece of white paper. (Alternatively, you could blue tac on some small cardboard star shapes instead.)
Step 2: Apply dark coloured paint with a sponge to create the night backdrop. Then lightly dab silver paint over the dark colours and sprinkle on silver glitter in the area where you have placed the stars. (This will stick to the wet paint)
Step 3: Once the paint has dried, gently peel off the star stickers or shapes.

Step 1: Paint or dye ice block sticks the desired colour. (I used a nice burgundy red colour.)
Step 2: Decorate (6) ice block sticks using white gel pens.
Step 3: Cut hessian material to form a house shape, and glue it onto the bottom part of the background, leaving enough room to glue the ice block sticks around the outside.
Step 4: Arrange 5 decorated sticks around the outside of the hessian material, and place the final stick down the middle of the wharenui.

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