New Zealand Number Knowledge Goal Cards Stage 7


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This is a print and use teacher product for New Zealand teachers in Years 5-6.

All Number Knowledge goals, aligned to the New Zealand Number Framework (pg. 21) have been turned into decorative cards for you to use in your classroom. Print 2 per page, A4, or enlarge to A3 poster size. Pin up on your walls as you focus on each domain, or print and display all the goals. Print the certificates for students as they master each stage. If you print these smaller, you can display them on the wall alongside the domain posters. See previews for display ideas.

The knowledge section of the Framework outlines the important items of knowledge that students should learn as they progress through the Advanced Multiplicative Stage (7).

This knowledge plays a critical role to support students using their available strategies with proficiency and fluency.

In the Framework, knowledge is categorised under the following content domains:

Number Sequence and Order,

Grouping/Place Value,

Basic Facts.

Expectations for Written Recording are also included.

21 Goal Cards across the domains are included in this set, with 4 proficiency certificates for each domain.

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