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Do your students need to work on using the correct tense consistently in their writing? This is a great resource to support your students with their learning.
Worksheets are achievable for students to complete due to the cut and paste format, filling in the gaps to each story with the correct tense word. They have to be detectives and proofread, checking that the story makes sense with the gaps filled in.
The quiz included in this resource is great for reinforcing knowledge that your students have been learning. Use this quiz as a form of assessment.
Oral language cards, also included, have quick read aloud sentences with gaps for students to practise their tense knowledge. The reverse side of each card has possible answers in each tense. This allows this task to be completed in pairs, groups (the fastest to buzz in with an answer), and individually.
TIP: To create these cards, the resource needs to be printed in a one-sided format. Cut out each card and place together so that there is a sentence on the front and answers on the back. Laminate to complete!
The resource also includes posters for past, present and future tense. Use these to assist your teaching, to add to your classroom displays, or to print in smaller formats for students to paste into their workbooks.
Included are the following items:
  • Three past tense worksheets
  • Three present tense worksheets
  • Two future tense worksheets
  • One tense quiz for assessment
  • 12 oral language cards
  • Three posters – one each for past, present and future tense.
I wish you and your students all the best exploring this resource.
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