The Ultimate Board Game Creator Kit


Board games for kids are so much fun, and such a good way to really engage thinking and problem solving in new ways. They are a great way to extend learning across curriculum areas.

The Ultimate Board Game Creator Kit makes it easy for kids to take their own ideas, knowledge and interests and turn them into board games for kids and the whole family to enjoy!

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Anyone can design board games for kids with the Ultimate Board Game Creator kit!

Having ideas is the easy bit. A board game can literally be about anything. Anything at all. It’s designing the board, the pieces, the cards, and making all the bits, where it becomes hard work, and enthusiasm can start to drop.

Not anymore! With the Board Game Creator kit, kids can customise it as much or as little as they like. It gives them the flexibility to play with their ideas and make them great, while giving their game a strong foundation to get it off to a great start.

There’s so much learning in making board games for kids. From the creativity of the brainstorming process, making decisions, assessing and making adjustments, to the maths and literacy involved in making the game. It’s holistic, real life learning that has meaning, and draws more out of kids.

It’s also a great way to extend a subject they’re interested in or investigating, and give them an opportunity to share their interests and knowledge with their friends and family in a really fun way!

It’s so easy to apply their ideas quickly to a board design to see how it works, adjust how many actions they need, or change how the points work. Once they’ve got the bones of the game they can have a lot of fun developing the story around it with characters and illustrations. It’s up to them.

This kit will give them everything they need to develop the prototype of a real, playable game.

Going further: Students could take it through a digital design process once they have a working prototype, and the opportunity to explore 3D design and different materials to create game components.

The Board Game Creator kit is a downloadable, printable set we’ll send straight to your inbox, so you can get started straight away. Just print the pages you need when you need them.


Here’s what you’ll get:

1 x Game Storm Brainstorm sheet

Spend some time thinking about your game. Write down all your ideas, and work out how you want your game to work. Planning first makes it MUCH easier later!

3 x Colour game boards

An easy start, some background ideas for you to add your own game to.

6 x Different blank game board templates

Use the templates as a base and make them your own.

2 x Dice templates

One standard numbered dice.

One customisable dice you can add any option to, to add variety and chance to your game.

25 x Action Card template sheet

Pre-filled with actions. Add your own story, cut out, and you are ready to play! Print as many copies as you need.

25 x Blank card/money template sheet

Blank card shapes that could be used as playing cards or money. Write/draw, then cut out. Print as many copies as you need.

70 x Token/Counter/Coin template sheet

Circle shapes that can be used as tokens, counters, or coins. Colour in or write on them, then cut out. Print as many copies as you need.

8 x Character Token templates

4 x Animal tokens ready to colour, cut and play

4 x blank templates.

Customise with your own characters for your game, cut them out and play.


Check out our demo game ‘Monkey Banana’ at


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