Perspective Art

Scroll down for step-by-step instructions. Credit: Aaron Sargeant

Mana Māori

Year 5 & 6 Tauhara Primary School “Mana Maori” art inspired by Sandra Silberzweig. Mixed media – vivid, acrylic paint, pen paint, chalk pastel, nail polish, paua paper and tinfoil. Credit: Kristy Northcroft

Paint Pouring

I mixed PVA glue and water 50/50. Poured into little cups. Added acrylic paint then had kids pour each little cup of paint onto canvas. Tip it and voila! Bit messy so did it in small groups. Other kids worked through math pages and reading writing activities to keep them busy. Credit: Geraldine Yaworski

Koru Family Trees

Koru family trees! We wrote our pepeha around the outside but I’ve edited them out here for privacy purposes.  Credit: Megan Gooding

Van Gogh Inspired Artwork

The background for these pieces were inspired by the swirling, moving brush strokes in Vincent Van Gogh’s work. The children could then pursue their own imaginative drawing or use Van Gogh’s cherry blossom or sunflower pieces to create the pencil drawing. Credit: Christine Sallis

Year 4 Class’ Line Drawings

We were looking at line drawing and we brainstormed all the sorts of lines they could think of, I showed them my 3 examples. They had to draft a plan first that included an outline of their landscape design, the start of their line patterns and which colours they were going to use. Then they […]

3D Lillies

Make these beautiful 3D Lillies with your class.


Made with Resene paint with a pouring medium and some crushed glass and rhinestones and glitter.