Noel Leeming
Generally cost + 10% on almost all products in store. Find your product and ask what the discount is as all products will vary, and the staff dont know until they scan/look it up. You will most likely get asked for your registration card for proof but not always.
10% off all store items excluding sale items.
offer no fees on mortgages for govt employees – need to say you are a teacher and show card then they record on your file Westpac: If you have your teachers pay/salary going into a Westpac account you can get $1000 off or towards legal fees when buying a house. ANZ Bank: Discount on your mortgage if you are a NZEI member from the ANZ bank. ANZ bank discount your homeloan interest rate by a very small amount, but over time it all makes a difference.
Te Papa
get into any paid exhibition for free with your registration card.
Paper Plus
Discounts off products - available at some branches.
Storage Box
10% discount off total purchase.